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Friday, 25 November 2011

Craft Fair - 'Post Mortem'

I had a stall last Saturday at the Green Party's Christmas fair in Lancaster.  I have done several and always do reasonably well.   I don't ever sell my more expensive items but this year I had lots of older jewellery reduced to rock bottom prices and sold a lot of it.  I was very pleased to do this though it would have been nice to sell a little more of my full price items. 
However when I looked at two photos a friend took of the stall when I had just set it up I was horrified.  
This is the result of setting up a jewellery stall when you are in a state of total fatigue and with very few functioning brain cells (That's me behind the stall trying not to be in the photo!):

It looks like a jumble sale!  A huge redesign is needed for any future fairs I may do.   Next year I'm planning to go to my daughter's in the USA in the spring instead of the autumn which means I won't be jetlagged and exhausted  when I do this fair.  I'm hoping to be better organised and get a couple of other fairs booked for next year too.  

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