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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Polymer Clay Disaster!

Over the weekend I made a lovely set of beads, I was really pleased with them.  I left them to harden up a bit overnight before I made holes and baked them.
So what did I do? I baked them without even making small guide holes for the drill (a small hand drill).  I've done that before and managed to make the holes afterwards, but it is always easier if I at least do guide holes.  When there are no guide holes you have to be careful to drill in from both sides or when the drill comes out the other side it can break off a chunk of clay.
I started with the largest bead and thought I was doing fine till the drill came out the other side and...  yes broke off a chunk of clay.  I was so cross.  It was only a small piece and I thought if I use a spacer at each side it won't show.   The middle size round beads drilled fine.  Then I started on the small beads and after the first three broke up completely when I started drilling I gave up!  I don't quite know why this happened but I have to just put it down to experience.
The photo isn't very good - the background of the beads is pale green.  I'm hoping I can make some more but the pale green was mixed from white and a bit of left over leaf green so I don't expect I'll be able to match it exactly.  Of course I should be really organised and record proportions and keep samples of mixed colours but I've never been that organised...
Oh well, onward and upward... well onward anyway!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I'm doing a Giveaway!

I have won several lovely prizes from blog giveaways, so I've decided it's time I did one myself.  There are no conditions, nothing you need to do other than comment on this post. You don't have to be a follower of this blog (unless you want to of course!).  Do feel free to tell your friends, followers, Facebook fans etc so they can come and join in. If you don't have a Blogger account make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you if you win.
The giveaway will run from now until midnight on Sunday 5th Sept.  I'll pick the winner on Monday morning, 6th Sept and announce it on this blog and on my Facebook page.
This is what you will win.  A necklace with matching earrings featuring beads made by myself from polymer clay.
The other beads are rose quartz, rhodonite and japanese glass miyuki cubes.  The necklace clasp and earwires are sterling silver and the beads are linked with silver plated copper wire.  I'm sorry the photo of the earrings isn't very good, but you can see the pattern on the beads better in the photos of the necklace.

Friday, 20 August 2010

I Won!

I had a lovely surprise email today - I won a blog giveaway.  Look at what I won...
Aren't they just gorgeous, lucky me!  They come from Anne at Gardanne Beads.  She makes amazing glass beads and sells them in her Etsy shop - Gardanne Beads.  She also sells Jewellery at Gardanne Artisan Jewelry. Here is her blog
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