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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Polymer Clay Smooshers

Here is my latest collection from the Polymer Clay Smooshers Artfire Guild.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Gifts Collection

I've made a collection on Artfire with some suggestions for Christmas gifts. Just click on it to go and see it if you'd like to visit any of the studios.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Folksy Friday - Christmas Cards

This is my first Folksy Friday for some time! There are lots of talented cardmakers on Folksy. Here are samples from just a few. 
This is from Folk Art Papercuts. I love The Twelve Days of Christmas!

These bright Christmas stockings are from Sprinkles. I love the sparkly glitter touches.

 This brilliant Santa with a robin is from Little Blue Bird.

These wonderful penguins are from a pack of four designs by Christmas Kooki.

Linoking Cards makes beautiful cards using embossed texture and printing.

This beautiful print is from a set of 4 from Pink Shoes Art.

This clever pop up card is lovely, it's from Pop-Up Zoo.

Last but certainly not least is this lovely robin from Rhiannon Thomas.
There are loads more lovely Christmas cards on Folksy, just search handmade to find them :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Holiday Scavenger Hunt - Fab Prizes!

2010 Smooshers Holiday Scavenger Hunt Prizes
The Polymer Clay Smooshers are running a brilliant competition, a scavenger hunt.
You need to go to the Smooshers Blog  to get the details.  It's very simple - there is an image in the studios of some of the Smooshers and the more you find the more likely you are to win a prize, and there are several lovely prizes.
You will need to visit the Artfire studios of the Smoosher members, there are links to them all on the left side of the blog.  Then make a note of the shops where you find them, and email your list to the Smooshers.
Have fun and maybe have a look round the studios while you are there :)

Monday, 8 November 2010

My First Artfire Collection

I've just made my first Artfire collection! I have used items chosen from the studios of fellow Polymer Clay Smooshers.  Artfire has Guilds, groups we can join who support one another, chat on forums and promote one another.  There is also a blog, Polymer Clay Smooshers.
Here is my collection.  You can go and view the collection on Artfire, where you can rate it and/or add comments, and from there you can click on any of the items to go and see the artist's studio. 
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