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Friday, 26 November 2010

Folksy Friday - Christmas Cards

This is my first Folksy Friday for some time! There are lots of talented cardmakers on Folksy. Here are samples from just a few. 
This is from Folk Art Papercuts. I love The Twelve Days of Christmas!

These bright Christmas stockings are from Sprinkles. I love the sparkly glitter touches.

 This brilliant Santa with a robin is from Little Blue Bird.

These wonderful penguins are from a pack of four designs by Christmas Kooki.

Linoking Cards makes beautiful cards using embossed texture and printing.

This beautiful print is from a set of 4 from Pink Shoes Art.

This clever pop up card is lovely, it's from Pop-Up Zoo.

Last but certainly not least is this lovely robin from Rhiannon Thomas.
There are loads more lovely Christmas cards on Folksy, just search handmade to find them :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards! I love the pretty robin :)

Thank you so much for including my stocking cards amongst such lovely designs.

Kate x

dawn said...

All these cards are really wonderful, but I have such a soft spot for those by Little Blue Bird :)

Excellent choices :)


NOfkantsCurios said...

Such lovely cards and such creative minds to have come up with so many wonderful designs and textures.

Natalie x

pinkshoesart said...

thanks very much for including my cards on here, it's made my dat! sarahpinkshoes xx

pinkshoesart said...

sorry day! x

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