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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Monthly Make - February

I've just made a batch of brooches and earrings and had a terrible time getting halfway decent photos.  I've used Perfect Pearls which is a powder containing a resin which when brushed onto polymer clay, when baked gives a beautiful pearlised/metallic effect.  Some have photographed better than others.  Part of the problem is the textures I've used.  The deeper textures have been the hardest to photograph.  I've listed some of them on Artfire and will list some on Folksy.


Monday, 14 February 2011

The Winner!

I've done the draw for my giveaway using random.org.  There were 21 entries and the winner was number 12. 
This is Michelle, congratulations!  I have sent you a message via Folksy as there is no way to contact you on your Blogger profile.  Let me have your mailing address and I'll post it to you this week.
Thanks to everyone for your kind birthday greetings :)  

Sunday, 13 February 2011

I've Been Knitting!

I've not done any knitting for years - I've never been good at finishing knitting projects but I saw a lovely knitted teddy bear on a website and on a whim I found the pattern and bought it.   It uses self patterning sock yarn.  I've never made socks and never knitted with such fine yarn but was determined to finish this as the wool was rather expensive.  
I decided not to buy a separate ball of wool for the snout and made the entire bear from the same wool.
So far so good - I love the way the wool makes the pattern but because it's a small bear the stripes of solid colour are quite wide.  I'm not using the same brand of wool as the pattern as I couldn't find it from a UK supplier and didn't want to pay yet more postage than I already had.
  One leg down, second leg, body and head, arms ears and snout to go!  After knitting the second leg you pick up the stitches from this leg and continue the body and head in one piece.  The arms, ears and snout are very small and quick to do and I finished it in a few evenings. 
Here she is, I think I could have sewn her together more neatly but I like her.  
I haven't thought of a name for her yet - any suggestions?  I'm not sure if I'll keep her or give her away.
I've used less than half the wool so I could either make another or use the wool for something else. I don't trust my renewed enthusiasm for knitting to last very long but I'll let you know if I mange to make anything else.
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