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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Squirrels on the Bird Table!

I know lots of people consider grey squirrels to be pests but I love them.   I rarely see any in my garden, so I was surprised a couple of days ago, hearing a clattering and thumping sound, to find a squirrel in the garden.  The noise was presumably from it hurling itself from the roof onto the greenhouse roof and from there via a small table to my doorstep.  The table is Monty's favourite place to sit and watch the birds, it's a bit rickety so rattles when he jumps up.   I'm just waiting for it to collapse one day, along with the greenhouse - Monty likes to snooze on the roof!
Today the squirrel was back, with a friend, to investigate the bird table.  There wasn't much food up there and they didn't seem interested in the sultanas that the birds relish, so they didn't stay long.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

New Bag Designs - Disappointed!

I blogged recently about my new bag design - I've been brewing it for ages but only recently got around to making the prototype.   I wasn't entirely happy with the shape and made another but I'm still not happy with it.  They are lightly padded and machine embroidered and have small pockets inside. The felt is made with my embellisher using merino wool and some raw silk, then machine embroidered. Each has a hidden magnetic catch at the top of the bag just beneath the handles.
Here is the original prototype
I decided that this one was too long and narrow, and the felt handles were too soft, so here is number two
 I like this one better but it still isn't how I visualised it originally.  I feel the handles are too big in proportion to the bag.  I have also decided I would prefer the bag wider than it is high.  I'm planning to try a different, curved shape, with curved shaped handles.
In the meantime I can't decide whether or not to put these up for sale. I love the fabrics, linen with lovely silk fabrics for the linings and I'm quite happy with the felt I made. They just aren't quite what I planned.  I'd appreciate some honest feedback.
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