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Friday, 24 September 2010

Folksy Friday Shop Feature

I haven't done a Folksy Friday blog post for a reeeeally long time!  I have decided to feature one shop that I have recently discovered and love.
It's Kilo Lemur Lampwork .  Kaye makes lovely lampwork beads, and sells them at a very reasonable price.  I have bought some that I plan to use to make myself something beautiful but plan to buy lots more in the future to make jewellery for my shop.  
I've  loved the idea of making lampwork glass beads ever since I first saw some a few years ago, but me and a very hot flame is not a good combination at all!
Here are some of the beads she has on sale at the moment - I want them all but can't buy any more just yet :(
Opus Terra beads, only £18 for all these beads!

 Three cute skulls,

Bijou Crystal Beads  The colours on these are gorgeous!

Aunt Dotty Bead Set  Pretty spotty beads.

There are more, go and see for yourself, if you make jewellery I defy you not to buy any!
If you don't make jewellery yourself, Kaye also makes jewellery as Triple Moonstar, so I'm sure she would make you something with the beads of your choice. 


TripleMoonStar said...

Thank you for such wonderful kind words. My fibro has flared up and that has cheered me up so much. XXX

rachel said...

shes brilliant isn't she :) i love her work and love the special bracelet she made for my wedding :) She deserves lots of praise always :)

Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

I don't make beaded jewellery to sell - but love to make one or two pieces for myself - for particular outfits - these beads are gorgeous!


Starpixie said...

Ooh those first ones are my favourite, they're gorgeous!

TripleMoonStar said...

you are all very kind thank you. I will be listing some newborn beadiez very soon I just need a few days rest xxx

Gemma said...

What beautiful beads!!! I'd lovet o make glass beads but can't afford a kiln atm

Elli Moody said...

Love the polka dots! I'd love to have a go at making lampwork beads, it's like magic x Elli

TripleMoonStar said...

Ah you're all very kind :-) x

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