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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

jigsaw Puzzle Cutters

For some time now I have wanted to make polymer clay pendants and earrings in the shape of jigsaw puzzle pieces. I have tried in vain to find cutters and I knew I could not do them freehand.
By chance I read a question on an Artfire forum from someone looking for the Artfire studio that sold cookie cutters.  
I found Cookie Cutter Guy  -  a brilliant shop that makes custom cookie cutters.  I emailed Sandy who made me 2 cutters, a small one and a really small one!  They are perfect, I'm so pleased with them, and here are photos of my first attempts.  I couldn't wait to share the results. These aren't perfect and I want to define the texture with inks - but first I have to buy some inks.  Once I perfect the technique you will see them listed in my Artfire and Folksy shops. 



Starpixie said...

OOh they're really cool!
I love the textures too.

Laurel said...

Oooh, custom cutters!!!! I love your puzzle pieces!

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