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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Squirrel Antics

One of the squirrels came back to my garden yesterday.  Well I choose to believe it's one of the same squirrels but it may not be!
He climbed up the narrow metal pole with no trouble and first of all made for the fat filled half-coconut shell.  I was on the phone to a friend at the time and was describing the scene to her.  She told me to put the phone down and get photos for her, which I did.   By this time he had given up on the fat and was raiding the sunflower seeds quite successfully by hanging upside down.   

Unfortunately I will have to disappoint him if he returns as I usually have a plastic lid taped halfway up the pole to stop rats climbing up. 
The plastic lid recently fell off, due to pigeons standing on it to feed on the seed that drops onto it from the niger and sunflower seed feeders.  The only way I've found to attach it is with brown parcel tape, not very pretty and far from permanent, but effective!
A squirrel has, in the past, jumped onto the top of the pole from the slate slab which stands upright nearby, so I may not have spoiled his fun.


Chrissy said...

Lovely pictures. I love watching the squirrels - they are very clever and can work out almost any situation. We had a feeder suctioned to our patio window and it took about 10 minutes for the squirrel to work out to jump onto the window sill, take a flying leap to the centre of the patio doors (made of wood) grip it with his back legs and swing his top half over to catch the feeder before hauling himself onto it! Amazing little artists aren't they?

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

What an acrobatic squirrel, you've captured his antics perfectly! I know some people see squirrels as pests, but they are so endearing, aren't they? I love them!

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Thanks for sharing your pics - they're really good. I watched a squirrel do a similar thing in my garden last week, hanging upside down and stretching across to pick out the sunflower seeds - they're so cheeky!

Sparrow Primitives said...

I love squirrels too. What fabulous photos. xx

Shoogly Beads said...

Wonderful pictures of such a resourceful creature!!

Somethingxtraspecial said...

Those are the cutest pictures I've seen for ages - well shot!!

Baban Cat said...

We had our first squirrel of the season back on Monday. Last winter I was getting through 2kg of peanuts and 2 kg of sunflower seeds a day. It cost more to feed the birds than my family!

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