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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Does anyone else find these acronyms confusing - there are so many around these days my poor fuddled brain can't always cope!
In this case I'm talking about Work in Progress and UnFinished Object.   I'm wondering when the former turns into the latter.  How long does a work in progress need to sit around before it becomes an unfinished project that may never be picked up again.
I've quite a few sitting around. Firstly a half made scarf on the loom. 

I got part way through and realised I didn't like it so folded the loom up and put it away and got on with other things.  Now I'm thinking I may never weave again on that loom unless I decide to cut my losses and cut it off the loom.  Such a waste of wool I think but actually a worse waste of a loom if I hide it away and don't use it!  Part of me still thinks I should just get it finished...
Then there is the rug sitting in a carrier bag behind the couch.  I've not done much but like the scarf I've 'gone off' the fabric I used for most of what I have done.  I know I should throw it out and start again with fabric I like better.  Part of the problem was that the fabric frayed so badly that every time I worked on the rug everything around including myself ended up covered in bits that clung stubbornly to my clothing, the couch and the carpet. At this point there should be a photo of said partly made rug but I can't find it!
There is a fair amount of jewellery that I made early on in my jewellery making enterprise and which needs taking apart and remaking - or just taking apart so the beads can be used for something else or sold on.
Then there are various little pots and bags with polymer clay projects that are either waiting to be finished off and made into jewellery or - well, just sitting around because they didn't come out quite as planned. 

I will probably finish most of these off someday but I'm not sure about the pink beads, basically I don't really like them so I'll leave them sitting for now.


Chrissy said...

I think we are all the same - flitter her and there and if we are lucky we might finish something that we actually like.

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

I'm relieved to hear I'm not the only one who leaves a trail of unfinished projects around the house! I'm very envious of your loom - that's something else I'd love to try one day (probably to create yet more unfinished projects!!)
Liz x

Room Eleven said...

I'm also very glad that I'm not alone with the unfinished projects! There's just too many ideas buzzing around in my head and not nearly enough time.

Ellie x

Melobeau said...

I certainly do understand about the WIP or UFO quandary! I finally found something that makes it a bit easier for me to make that decision. I started to keep a pile of "give away" things, pieces (primarily beads and jewelry components, though not textiles) that I really didn't like well enough to sell, wasn't proud of, or experiments that "didn't fly" . Now that I'm looking, I'm finding all sorts of places that accept bead and jewelry piece donations; from children's hospital craft programs (the Ronald McDonald houses here in the USA sometimes have them), to school programs or after school programs, to to craft programs for retarded citizens. Our rejects become their treasures and that really makes MY day.

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Aha - I knew WIP but UFO is a new and very apt one for me - thanks! My biggest unfinished project is a rag rug - it's just soooo slow to make. And then there's the 'UFO' bag full of body parts... - It's good to know there are lots of us behaving in the same way :)

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