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Friday, 8 April 2011

Scrubbitty Scrub, Pink Blue and Green

One of the features I like about Blogger is the bloglist which shows you the blogs you follow, in order of the most recently updated.  You get to see just enough of the post to decide if you want to visit the blog and read it all.  I'd love to read them all but there are just too many of them!
Browsing the other day, I suddenly spotted my name - Averilpam - what a surprise, I'd won a giveaway prize!
It was on The Hookery.  My prize was a set of three Scrubbitty cloths.  These are crocheted in lovely soft but strong cotton and can be used for anything you like.
Mine are pink, blue and green and I've decided to use them as facecloths, they are too nice to use for washing up!  You can find them on Folksy at Scrubbitty .  Claire has another shop, Eidelweiss, which sells a great assortment of crochet items - scarves, blankets and cushions; toys, bags and decorations.
Thank you Claire!


Gretel said...

Oooh, aren't they lovely colours? But how can you bear to use them! I'd be tempted to just have them looking beautiful somewhere.

The Hookery said...

In the same way you spotted your name, I was just mooching through Blogger and saw the image and thought 'they look familiar'! Hope you find them useful :)

helen said...

Gorgeous! My sister-in-law made us some last year and I've only just made the leap to use them. Before then I just used to display them on the sideboard as they were just so beautiful!

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