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Monday, 4 April 2011

New Bag

I've had an idea for a new bag design for quite a long time.  I made a larger bag from felted mohair fabric and had an idea for incorporating the handles into the bag but when I made it I went disastrously wrong and the holes for the handles are uneven.  I kept the bag as I really like it despite the wonky handles and it has been much admired when I have been out and about.  
I decided I would make more of them but find a way to do the handles properly.   One way to do this is to make the handles separately, which I have chosen to do with the bag I am currently making.
This bag is much smaller than the mohair bag, and I'm making it with linen and with a silk lining.  I have made some felt for the handles and my first attempt to sew them together looked really messy but fortunately they were also too big so I've cut them down and am hopefully going to get this bag finished today.
Here are the pieces of bag I am working on.  I've used a magnetic closure that is sewn into the lining so it can't be seen.  
While I've been writing this Monty the cat has taken up residence in his favourite chair - which just happens to be the chair at the desk where I sew.
I don't think I have the heart to move him just yet!  I'll have a cup of tea and decide what to do next.


OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Oh, that's such a familiar sight - cat getting on the chair as soon as you get up! And don't let look disgusted if you try and move them :) Hope the bag finishing works out to your satisfaction. x Shaz

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished bag...and hope Monty has found an equally snug corner:)xx

Lemur Lady said...

My cats Doug and Embley (it's a long story), have a habit of working in a team to distract me when I'm sewing. They wait till the hear the motor going, so they know I can't do anything, then Embley leaps on my lap and Doug jumps up on the kitchen counter where he's not allowed. Little pests! I look forward to seeing the finished bag, by the way!

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