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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Polymer Clay - Finished Work

Here are the two brooches and a ring, out of the oven and finished off.
This is my first attempt at a ring.  I've just bought some filigree metal ring blanks from treasuresinmeasures so I'll be making some more soon.

 These two brooches are probably going to a shop in Leeds in time for Christmas, they've asked me to send 6 brooches and 6 sets of earrings and I need to get them made before the end of September when I go to the USA.  
The buttons, 3 sets,  are available in my supplies shop AverilpamEtc on Folksy.

1 comment:

coltpixy said...

Beautiful! I love the textures and subtle shades of colors. ♥

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