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Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Few Photos

I promised I would keep blogging whilst here in the USA but I've not so far kept that promise. I've not really done much of the sort of thing that's interesting for people who don't actually know my family - mostly day to day stuff like laundry and shopping.  We've been to one child's birthday party and hosted another, taken the dog for walks and I've been fishing with my granddaughter.  Tonight we are going to a Halloween party with friends I've not seen since I was here last year so I'm looking forward to that and may have photos to share later.
I also have a jewellery party booked next Friday and hopefully a trip to some botanical gardens nearby.  I hope the weather improves at the moment it's pouring with rain and snow is forecast...  though 'they' say it will be sunny again next week.
So for now here are a few photos, mostly taken in the park behind the house.
Common Buckeye butterfly, wonderfully co-operative, it stayed on this flower long enough for me to get several photos

Vapour trails - we are fairly close to the airport.  Some of the planes are low enough to see the logos on their tails!

Emily fishing in the lake. The autumn colours are really beautiful at the moment

Sunlight through a maple tree.  

I realised when uploading these that most of my photos have been saved as tiffs which won't upload so I need to do jpeg versions of some more.  Hopefully I'll manage another blog post before I go home.  
Time is now speeding up alarmingly and I have just 12 days left here. As always I don't want to leave my lovely family though I do miss Monty and my friends at home.


Redpaint said...

Your photos are beautiful - such rich colours. A pleasure to read!

Vic at Careford Creations said...

That butterfly is beautiful. I just blogged about butterflies too! Sounds like you're having a lovely time. Vic x

encado said...

Beautiful colours of autumn in your photos! Yesterday I also put some photos of autumn (from London) on my photo blog. Autumn is beautiful, isn't it? ;-)

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