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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Jewellery and other musings

Just a quick post as a few people asked to see the necklace I was making.  Also I've been making some jewellery to take into a local giftshop to see if they would like to sell it.  So I thought I'd post a few photos.  If they aren't interested there is also a gallery here that I like so I may try there.  And if they don't like it then I'll just cry. 
This is made with my polymer clay beads - the pink ones, the others are ruby in fuchsite, they are quite rough beads but I love them. It's wired with silver plated wire, and has a sterling silver clasp.

This is made with magnesite most of which has been dyed to look like turquoise, the donut is chalk turquoise, and it's linked with copper.
This is amazonite, with little crystal rondelles, and a sterling silver clasp.

And matching earrings with sterling silver earwires.

I'm not going to think about what I'll do next if the shop or gallery won't take any of them as it will be really discouraging.
I'm going to set to work now to make some little gift bags to go with them.  Ok I'll get dressed first. And maybe have a cuppa. And put some food out on the birdtable.  And I really have to get on with decorating the bathroom..... then the bedroom...... the hall...... and the living room/kitchen.  I have till July to get it all done and I'm dreading having to move furniture so I can get to most of the walls in the living room and bedroom. First things first, try to get the bathroom finished !


Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

Hi Pam

I love the patterns in the pink polymer clay beads. My favourite piece is the turquoise donut - its such a tactile shape and I love turquoise as a colour.

maricesworld said...

I really like your first two necklaces, lovely bright turquoise colours, not that i don't like your other necklace and earings - they're beautiful too just not my personal taste - but then i'm not very trendy or fashionable lol...all lovely, and good luck, the giftshop or gallery would be fools not to sell them for you x

Anonymous said...

Oh these are gorgeous. I love them all.


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