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Saturday, 27 March 2010


I was hoping to do a Folksy Friday yesterday for the first time, but had a bad migraine and couldn't do it.

I get migraines fairly regularly and have done for over 15 years.  When I was working they were severe and frequent and it was several years until I was given any useful drug therapy for them.  I tried acupuncture and homoeopathy, both of which have helped me enormously for other problems, but neither helped with the migraines.
I now take beta blockers every day and Imigran at the first signs of the headache.  It usually works, in that it gets rid of the headache, but I'm often left with some of the other symptoms which vary. 

So it's a fairly common occurrence to more or less lose a day to a migraine.  They can last up to 3 days, during which the headache returns and occasionally the Imigran doesn't touch it.  Other than that, usually I have moderate to severe brain fog, and can feel extremely sleepy, can't keep my eyes open for long, and doze on and off all day on the couch. Other than that I can get very clumsy, light and sound sensitive, and it usually triggers off fatigue.
Yesterday I didn't get the sleepyness (sometimes I get a few hours of feeling sleepy as a forerunner to a migraine) but I went out to do some shopping and go to the post office and felt really lousy and fatigued the whole time and by the time I dragged myself home the headache was starting and the Imigran didn't really get rid of it.  

This last week I feel like I paid for having had 2 whole weeks without a single migraine.  I had one every day though most of them went off fairly quickly.  I was fatigued all week but didn't want to give into it and managed to get some stuff done, had a play with polymer clay, and even made a start decorating my bathroom. 
I probably did a lot more than I should have and the paint smell won't have helped so I shouldn't have been at all surprised to feel so bad yesterday.
 So this weekend I'm going to stay put, and potter.  I do want to have another go with the polymer clay, and maybe spend a little time in the garden.  I can usually get quite a bit done in the garden if I'm sensible and don't work more than 10  minutes at a time in between rests.
Maybe I should explain, so as not to seem very lazy, that I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, so I have to pace myself to avoid pain flare ups, and fatigue which leaves me unable to function. 
Well that's enough of a rant about the state of my health which I promise won't become a regular feature of this blog - boring!

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helen said...

Ohh, sorry about the migraines.. Fibromyalgia is rubbish, especially when people think we're being lazy, I get insensitive comments quite often and just don't have the energy to explain to every single person what's going on..starting to think I should carry around a FMS booklet to give to people who don't understand! Hope you're feeling much better! x

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