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Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year - New Work

Happy New Year!  I don't make new year resolutions,  I don't want to set myself up for disappointment and feel like I've let myself down.
This year I just want to enjoy life and keep working. The last two months of 2010 were something of a low point for me, I was ill a lot of the time and did almost no work.  I don't feel too bad about that, I've reached a point now that I accept 'down time' as something I must get through and not let it turn into a spiral of depression and misery.  So I've had a lazy couple of months and am now feeling much better. 
I had a mixed start to the new year,  I got started on some hearts for Valentine's day and some matching beads but then had a horrendous migraine so had to stop work yesterday. A reminder to take it slowly!
Here is a (not very good, sorry) photo of the latest work waiting to be baked.  I'm going to make some more and fill up the trays before I bake so it will probably be next week before any of these become finished items to list on Artfire and Folksy.  
I conditioned a thin sheet of clay and covered it with silver metal leaf (not real silver). Then I placed a sheet of cling film over it and rolled it through the pasta machine at a thinner setting.  This cracks the silver leaf and presses it into the clay.  This can then be cut and applied over clay heart and bead shapes.  I still have some of the silvered clay so will make some more hearts and beads.  When the craft shop opens I must buy some more metal leaf, in copper and maybe gold colours.  I really like the effect and it is similar to the technique for doing faux dichroic. 


cool said...

these hearts are just lovely - can't wait to see the finished pieces!

Keep on keeping on, and thanks for the reminder to all of us to take it slowly and enjoy the work in progress!

Melody from SpiritBridges

Shoogly Beads said...

Sorry to hear you've been unwell...on the mend I hope! Hearts are really lovely..I have to remind Mike to make things for specific occasions ie Valentine. It would never occur to him otherwise!! I will be nagging him for some of his lovely heart beads!

coltpixy said...

They are lovely! ♥

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Interesting and lovely looking...hope 2011 is a super year for you (-;

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