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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Diomo Glass Panel

Readers from Folksy may already know that Susan from Diomo Glass made a beautiful small glass window panel for a giveaway on her Facebook page.  I loved it so much I said that if I didn't win it I would have to commission one.
I didn't win, so true to my word I asked her to make one for me.  The original had a lovely deep red rose which I loved.  However I am decorating my house (I think I may have mentioned that before once or thrice) and the living room is going to be white with one dark wall painted 'dusted damson'.  I got the inspiration from a lovely purple fleece throw a friend gave me for my birthday.   I've bought a rug that matches and the curtains are white with pink and purple poppies.
So my panel has a purple rose.  Susan did a rose and a poppy for me to choose from and though I liked the poppy I just loved the petal arrangement on the rose so much that I chose that one.  
Here it is hanging in my window.  The light shines through it  perfectly and the colour goes perfectly with the poppies on the curtains. 


KataCatMcCracken said...


Diomoglass said...

Thank you for that - it's one of the few times I get to see my work in situ! Pleased you're pleased with it!

Jo Clarke said...

Lovely colours, your room must look beautiful

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