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Friday, 23 April 2010

Folksy Friday - a few favourites

I had no inspiration for a theme for my Folksy Friday feature this week, so decided to trawl through the 10 pages of favourite shops and pick out a few things.  
Of course I'd like to include something from all the shops on the list but that isn't really practical so here are just a few for now.
I decided I should try not to include too much jewellery in my Folksy Fridays which is difficult for me but I've kept it down to two items, here is one of them, an amazing bracelet made using just machine embroidery and embellished with beads.  I've been planning to try this technique since buying my new sewing machine but I think it will take a whole lot of practice before I can make anything to come near this quality.  It's from Nadine Arbuthnot Adornment and she makes lovely brooches and necklaces too.
My next item is from Sophie Martin Illustration, a lovely card with gossiping ducks.  It was hard to pick an item from this shop, she does a wonderful assortment of farm animals as well as cats dogs and bunnies.
There has been a great fun topic on the Folksy forum this week about knitted items after someone was asked what was the use of a knitted cake.  I've found these felt yummy goodies from Woolly Duck. These cakes look good enough to eat, and she has a bag of licorice allsorts too, which would make a good pincushion - I'm very tempted!
Okay here is my second jewellery piece and I think it's quite amazing. It's from Tanglefrost, and is made from leather, silk and copper.  She makes amazing orchids too.
This next item is such good fun.  I have absolutely no interest in golf but I couldn't resist including this knitted golf kit!  It's from The Hunny Bunny Company.  As you might expect from the shop name you can find bunnies here as well as cats, dogs, dolls and the cutest little mice, one of them knitting a scarf.
Last but definitely not least, here is a beautiful bowl from Julia Smith Ceramics. I have just bought one of her bowls and it's just gorgeous.  I'm seriously tempted by this one too.  Oh dear I'm just treating myself to so many goodies from Folksy lately, and searching through all these lovely shops for my Folksy Friday blog features doesn't help!  
I hope you like these goodies as much as I do and will go and take a look around the shops, maybe be tempted to buy something.  I can't surely be the only person on Folksy who ends up spending more than she takes in sales.......


Quincifer said...

Great choices x

Kat said...

Love them, especially the desserts

The Hunny Bunny Company said...

You have chosen some lovely things...and thanks for choosing one of mine!

DeeCee said...

I love all the goodies found here. Awesome post.

TopCat76 said...

Great choices - that bowl is my fave I think, stunning!

NoodleBubble said...

Folksy Fridays are fatal for the finances aren't they - if it's not doing/researching them it's looking at everyone elses...
Just off to check out TangleFrost!

Only sat down to check my email (2hours ago)

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