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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I Love Bumblebees

I'm finally managing to do a little gardening, my back is much better - as long as I don't do too much.  So I'm alternating doing super short sessions of gardening, painting (still on the bathroom!) and crafting.  
One of my favourite flowers is a pretty anemone pulsatilla, and I am so pleased it survived the hard winter and is flowering again.
while I was out transplanting sweet pea seedlings a large bumblebee buzzed around my head, determined that I was a flower - and eventually found the anemone.
I got a few photos before it buzzed on its way, so here they are.


KataCatMcCracken said...

Lovely photos - and gorgeous bee. There seem to be more bumbling around this year, which is great. Lovely flower too - do you want to come and do my garden? : )

odd.sox said...

Wow, the 3rd pic down is a lovely shot! We get loads of bumbles when our ceonothus flowers a bit later in the year. They make the bush sound like it's alive and all the activity makes all the flower bits drop to form a beautiful bright blue carpet for a while. Glad your back's getting a bit better - just take it easy. x shaz

wellydog said...

Is it me or are the bumble bees bigger than usual, we've had loads , they are great to, wonderful photos x

Kat said...

Stunning flowers and bees!

averilpam said...

apparently the huge ones are the queens, there were several buzzing round my garden a while back searching for suitable nesting holes.

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