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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Look What Arrived Today!

I got a lovely package today, my new e-spinner!
I've been so fed up the last few months as I can't seem to manage more than a few minutes spinning with my lovely wheel without my back and/or legs aching, so I just haven't been doing any at all.
I eventually decided to buy an e-spinner,  ie an electric spinner, and here it is
At this point I hadn't put it together, but it didn't take long and I plan to get started later.  I'll post more pics when I've done some spinning with it.
The next thing was what to do with all the lovely white paper that came packed around it.  Of course it was all scrunched up so could only be reused as packaging.   
Thrifty hoarder Pam smoothed out every sheet and wanted to keep it all.  However new decluttering Pam knew it was silly - this is the box full of packaging, jiffys, plastic bags, paper carriers etc that sits in the corner of my room
Yes it's full to bursting!  And on the floor beside it is a carrier full of bubble wrap and similar packaging.  There is also a small carrier full of small jiffys, and I think there may be a bag in the bottom of the airing cupboard with more bubble wrap................ oh and another with brown paper......
The nicely flattened white paper has gone into the recycling bin.


Natalie said...

I seem to have the 'it might come in handy' moto too!! i'm sure if you threw it away you would more than likely find a use for it a few days later :)
can't wait to see your first new spinning pics x x

Jo Clarke said...

I would do the same as you with packaging but then I forget where I've put it (I have drawers filled with all sorts of handy things!)

averilpam said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone in this!

Primchick said...

Thank you.... can't stop smiling today :0)

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